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We make a promise so important when we decide to have a Pet...

Dog Abandoned During Evacuation Last Week

This title caught my eye last week and I just had to copy a bit of the article that I was reading on Castanet. I just am so ashamed of how we as a species, continue to treat "what to me is a Family Member" in this way. The anger I felt, really this type of cruelty should be answered with criminal charges being laid against this person. We make a promise so important when we decide to have a Pet. It is a promise to care for them and protect them as you would any Family Member.

To see this just upset me a great deal, wondered If anybody else felt the same way I guess . It's easily forgotten by some just how much our animal friends have done for us throughout history. From plowing our fields to carrying us into war to fight for our very freedom, pets can almost heal us with the love they give, yet we continue to show them cruelty. As far as I'm concerned I cant forgive this, if it was a friend of mine that behaved in this manner I would consider our friendship over and would never be able to look at them the same way again.

On a better note, to all our Emergency Personnel " Thank You So Much For All You Do For Us And Our Animal Pals".

Here Is a portion of the the article along with a video update about Smokey :

Search and rescue volunteers rescue abandoned dog during an evacuation

Search and rescue volunteers rescued a dog during the evacuation of the La Casa area Friday night, after a resident in the area appeared to abandon it.

Volunteers with Central Okanagan Search and Rescue were tasked Friday night with helping inform residents along Westside Road of the evacuation order that was put in place north of La Casa, due to the encroaching White Rock Lake wildfire.

“As the team continued through the neighborhood they noticed the man leaving in his vehicle, only to stop 100 yards up the road and throw an older dog from his vehicle, before continuing out of the resort and south down Westside Road,” COSAR posted to Facebook Saturday.

“The team managed to wrangle the dog and bring her back to command base where she was given food and water and the nickname Smokey.”

It's not clear why Smokey was seemingly abandoned by her owner, but after a stay at the command base, one of the volunteers took her home. She will be taken for a checkup by Dr. Moshe Oz at Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital as well.

“It's my understanding that after Dr. Oz checks Smokey over, a suitable home will be found. I know these are incredibly stressful times, but what happened is unacceptable."

Update On Smokey "Doing Well"


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