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Top 5 Best Selling Gifts for Fall Reviewed, Are You Getting Your Monies Worth?

When you’re in a rush during the fall season it becomes hard to prepare for all the seasons holidays.

So, you rely on five-star reviews to help guide you on your way as you search for original gift ideas for your family and friends, but can those reviews all be trusted? That’s where we come in, we test the best selling highly rated products to confirm or to warn, either way, we give it to you straight. Here are our picks for top 5 best value for your money gift ideas for the pet lover on your lists this fall.

Why Trust PetsEdgeX?

PetsEdgeX spends many hours researching, and testing products to recommend only the best with the most quality and value. We make a little coffee money if you purchase a product through our links, it's true, but all opinions about the products remain our own.

#1- Cat Toy Interactive LED Light Ball, Yo-Yo Lifting Ball Electric Automatic Self Rotating Puzzle Pet Toy.


Around $20.00, you won’t believe how much fun this is, watching the family cat play with this amazing gadget, will have the whole family laughing. For twenty dollars, way cheaper than most forms of family fun.

1. Appearance like a small cat listening to music, very cute and lovely.

2. The cat can play by itself without affecting your work.

3. Clip it on the desktop or cat table to play with the cat, take your cat to exercise

4. When the toy is triggered, it can be turned off automatically for about 5 minutes, or the button can be turned off again during the operation of the toy

5. The hair ball can be replaced with other toys; your cat will fall in love with it.

As hard on this toy as my cat and I were, the toy should have failed, I mean we played hard and Oliver tried his best to eat it, still tries almost 4 weeks later. Very happy we tested this product although it was not much of a gamble when the item has almost 100% positive reviews by the pet owners who had purchased it before me, but I guess you never really know until you have seen it for yourself, God knows I have been surprised before. Happily, this time there were no surprises, and we can easily say with confidence that for a price of around $20.00 this product is great for your cat and wallet or of course, if you’re in need of a fun distraction for your furry little friend while you get work done, now that so many of us work out of the home, then this is right for you.

#2- Quelima Mini GPS Locator 302 Thumb GPS Locator Tracker for Car, Pet, Child or Elderly

Thumb GPS Locator Tracker around $30.00 CAD.

Main Features

Full North America coverage to track cars, vehicles, children, the elderly, pet and so on. A helpful device if you have a wandering pet or family member that requires constant care.

Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz.

Realtime tracking devices with GPS+LBS+AGPS system for fast and accurate results.

Comes with keyring for convenient carrying.

Clear instructions made us happy with this one, you would be surprised I received a package from Amazon awhile back, didn’t even have a company name, just a photo of the product, that was all I got for instructions. You have to watch for that kind of thing with Amazon, they don’t take a lot of care sometimes. To big now, I guess.

What else made us happy is the product performed as promised, didn’t seem to bother the dog and handled some wear and tear without causing any malfunctions with the device, I agree this is an earned five-star rating and a fine gift for the pet lover in your life. And at around $30.00 perfect for the budget to.

#3 - Magic-Gate Dog Pet Fences Portable Folding Safe Guard Indoor and Outdoor Protection Safety Magic Gate for Dogs Cat Pet

Main Features:

Magic Gate comes in at a great $ This gate is 29 inches/ 74 cm tall and expands to 72 inches/ 182 cm wide Pet safety enclosure perfect for doorways, between walls, or stairwells, indoors and outdoors Built with tough partially see-through woven mesh fabric woven to withstand abuse from pets Unique woven barrier that easily retracts to fully or partially quick pass-through Completely assembled for immediate use. No tools required Lightweight and portable to meet all your on-the-go needs Each Set Includes one fabric woven, two stretchable poles (Two styles are shipped at random) and four sticky hooks How to Use: Unfold the fabric woven Stretch two metal poles to the max length Put these two poles into the tunnels on both sides Fix the sticky hooks where you will install this magic gate Hang the fabric woven on the four hooks

This Puppy Gate priced at around $20.00 CAD, by far blows away the competition who are priced well above this for the same quality, makes this a real jewel of a find also coming with a five-star rating along with great reviews from buyers.

Because the price was right with this product, and reviews were good, we did come to the conclusion:

This was an awesome gift idea for the pet lover in your life or as the perfect addition to your own home, we here at PetsEdgeX give this is a big thumbs up. For the price, Quality and Value.

#4 - Robot Vacuum Cleaner Ultra-Thin 1800Pa Strong Suction Rechargeable Auto Sweeper for Hardwood Floor Carpet Pet Hair Care.


At an amazing $58.00 CAD, we have not found another of the same quality, even close to matching this price, this is a great idea for gifts or for your own home.

1800Pa Strong Suction: The robot vacuum cleaner is with 1800Pa strong suction and 2.6-inch ultra-thin body, which is able to access every hard-to-reach corners of kitchen, bedroom and living room, and effectively sweep away hairs, debris and dirt even under bed, sofa and chair of hard floors, tiles and low-pile carpet, bringing you a neat home.

Low Noise: The robot vacuum cleaner works at a low noise less than 40 dB, and will not disturb your sleep, read or work.

Easy To Use: Start it and clean your house by just pressing one button, making your life more convenient than ever before.

Long Battery Life: The robot vacuum cleaner has a built-in 1200mAh large capacity battery, which can be used for very long time and can be fully charged fast via USB cable (included).

High Efficiency: The robot vacuum cleaner has super strong suction, and can remove large particle objects such as soybeans and copper beads, and fine objects such as dust and hair easily and quickly, which is very high in efficiency, and can deal with 100-180㎡ apartment in 30 minutes.

This was a super fun product, and is going to be a great gift for any occasion if you have a pet parent on the list, and you’re looking for just the right thing to make them smile, then this is what you’re looking for, great for pet hair, low noise and will run for around an hour, before requiring a recharge.

We loved this product and we are sure you will to.

#5 - That’s Right, It’s A Combo, Because Our Pets Love Gifts Too, And We Pet Parents Love to Spoil Them!

Pet Dog LED Collar Multi Color Puppy Cat LED Night Light Dress Up Collar Accessory

Description: This is a nice low-cost way to make your pet shine this Halloween, coming in at around $10.00 CAD Can be used to walk the dog at night to play a warning role. Do not worry about a dog did not know where does it go. You can adjust the size of the LED rope according to the size of the dog. Six colors are available for you. Always bright and flashing.

Cat Toys Catnip Ball Silvervine Stick Lollipop Teeth Cleaning Snack Pet Supplies


And why not give kitty a Halloween treat this year, your cat will go nuts for these, and you can enjoy watching them jumping for joy as they race around the house.

At around $4.00 CAD, this is a great way to spoil your cat on any occasion.

1. Finely pick good ingredients to protect the healthy growth of cats.

2. Using high-quality catnip, green products made by picking, dehydration and drying, healthy and non-toxic,

3. Using natural silvervine and catnip, natural flavor, let the cat eat safely.

We hope you enjoyed our reviews and they gave you some great gift ideas for your next occasion. You can find all these products and so much more, by clicking the banner below, most of what we review are going to be related to pets somehow, but there are gifts for him/her pets and kids all delivered right to your door, for any occasion here:


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