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Top 5 beautiful Houseplants with a Modern Feel, That Are Safe for You’re Cats and Dogs!!!

Updated: Jan 27

There are many benefits to adopting a pet, and one of the most important is that they are good for our health. And that goes well beyond the benefits of walking five miles a day and getting in shape, there are many more benefits than just muscle toning. Pets bring a warm cozy, comfort to our home, make us feel secure and chase away our loneliness. I mean think about it, Pets have this wonderful magic of spreading their love and affection all around our home. So, is it this behavior that keeps us healthy?

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Whatever it is, our pets do a lot for us! So, when choosing new plants for your home make sure you’re returning that love by keeping them safe.

When our cat adopted us five years ago, the last thing we even considered was checking to make sure our houseplants were safe for are newest family member.

I am writing this article for all you cat and dog owners out there who found themselves in a similar situation.

We want you to be informed, Now keep in mind that our choices while all are safe for cats and dogs, they also reflect our tastes in modern home décor, so not everyone will agree, we all have our own styles, but most importantly please remember, even a non-toxic plant can have a less-than-ideal effect if ingested. Actually, it’s never a horrible idea to double check with your local vet or nursery for just to verify if a plant is in fact pet-safe, the SPCA website can be super helpful.

Here are 5 beautiful plants that will help you create the modern stylish, pet-friendly interior…you’ve been dreaming of.

#1 Ponytail Palm

With a wide base, an appealing trunk and beautiful display of long leaves, the ponytail palm has earned its name, with its warm modern sculptural look. It’s hard to imagine a plant more dramatic than the ponytail palm. Maybe that’s why you often come across it displayed center stage in modern living rooms…

Baby Ponytail palm

Bright light works best for this plant, and a relaxed watering schedule of once every one or two weeks. Display it alone, or go for a more tropical feel with a row of ponytail palms and create a style that flows.

#2 Spider Plant

Number two on our list, some foliage that really stands out. The spider plant has long, spiky leaves that can create a fresh comfort effect without overpowering the room.

Long striped spider plant leaves

In fact, this plant’s cascading tendencies and ability to produce dangling “plantlets” make it a great choice for hanging baskets, and work well in bright areas like kitchens, or in hanging in a large window.

spider plant

Not to mention, this plant should be left to dry out between watering’s, which gives you plenty of time to remember to water it!

#3 Prayer Plant

Next, on our list of pet-friendly plants, the prayer plant, which grabs the eyes attention with intricate leaves with a wide variety of green shades, as well as pink detailing throughout.

This plant does well in medium lighting, with the prayer plant it’s important to keep the soil moist but not too wet. It’s also a good idea to avoid direct light, as it will cause the leaves to lose their beautiful shine.

amazingly beautiful leaves of the prayer plant

When choosing how you want to display your prayer plant? You might want to make sure whichever pot you choose won’t take away any attention from the plant’s remarkable leaves. Sometimes simple is just best!

#4 Lemon Button Fern

With its rainforest feel and button-like foliage, this plant is the perfect accent piece for a shelf or tabletop. In fact, it often levels out at a height of about one foot tall.

The lemon button fern

The lemon button fern’s curved shape and fragile leaves also make it ideal for hanging baskets, Low to medium light is ideal, and it’s best to keep the soil moist without over-watering the plant.

#5 Areca Palm

Are you trying to add some tropical greenery to your interior, but it seems that every plant choose turns out to be toxic to cats and dogs? Then you will be thrilled with our next choice, the areca palm is a safe option! Here’s a beautifully displayed group of them.

Potted areca palm plants

Areca palm plant

This is the kind of plant that deserves to be displayed with pride. Looks great in any big pot, my choice a basket planter, my personal favorite for a retro modern look. This will be an instant focal point to the room! Your guests will love it.

Known for its air-purifying effects, the areca palms are quite easy to care for. It’s important you don’t over-water the plant, but it’s a good idea to water if you put your finger just below the surface of the soil and it feels dry.

Thanks for joining me on my quest to bring pet-safe plants home. Because at PetsEdgeX we love all pets, their safety means a great deal to us, and Because plants can only add to the beauty and warmth of any home décor.

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