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The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Pet, In the Galaxy!!!

Updated: Oct 21

Due To Popularity Were Back with Another Amazing Pet Costume Parade,

With The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Pet, In the Galaxy!!!

So, you’ve decided on a costume for Halloween, but what about that little pal you love so much? Shouldn't they get a chance to feel like a Jedi on this fantastic holiday? If you believe your pet is into Halloween as much as you are or if you're just here for some red-carpet moments, we've got you covered with these totally adorable Star Wars Halloween pet costume ideas.

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Your pet might not love the experience of being dressed up, but the pictures will be memories you can cherish for years to come. -Halloween costumes for dogs come in a wide variety, but you’ll ultimately have to decide whether your pet’s comfort or the theme of your costume is your main priority. Recent pet costume designs include outfits that make them look like a different animal entirely which can be done simply by adding a lion’s mane that goes around their head. Most Halloween costumes for dogs are inexpensive, coming in at around $30. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with going with an old classic.

I mean every year, there seems to be that one movie or hit TV show that inspires a costume that everybody wants when Halloween comes around. Although trick-or-treating and costume parties might be off the list this year due to social distancing, you can still celebrate Halloween in style. Yes, you should take the time dress up as someone or something that makes you feel great, like the star of your own show, I think we could all use a little feel good this year, but if nothing’s catching your eye then we’ve got some great ideas that will put a smile on your face. Bring back some Hollywood magic and let’s get going,

back to a galaxy not so far, far away, with these 10 insanely adorable Star Wars Pet Costumes.

Star Wars Pet Costumes

#1 - AT-AT Imperial Walker Pet Costume here: https://bit.ly/2Z9hlyJcostumes

This costume includes polyfoam pet jacket with the body of a Star Wars AT-AT printed on it. On the bottom of the jacket is a Hook and Loop fastener snap that when opened will allow the jacket to wrap around your pet easily. There are four leg pieces with two on each side that have cuffs on the bottom that would go around each one of your pet’s legs. The headpiece is also made of polyfoam with the cockpit of the AT-AT printed on it that wraps around the top and side of your pet’s head. On the bottom of the headpiece is an elastic band with a Hook and Loop fastener snap in the middle of it so it can go around your pet’s head comfortably. This pet costume is perfect to be matched up with a Stormtrooper or Darth Vader costume for a fun Star Wars theme this Halloween!

#2 - The Child with Frog Star Wars: The Mandalorian Pet Costume here: https://bit.ly/3lFsMWrcostumes

The future is bright with this one! This pet costume is officially licensed from The

Mandalorian and comes with everything your furry friend needs to become the hit new character. It's a step-in costume and headpiece that shows The Child holding a frog!

#3 - Bantha Pet Costume here: https://bit.ly/3hRMBsucostumes

look how completely adorable your dog (err, bantha) will look trotting across the room to you, the Tusken Raider on back holding the reins as if guiding him across the vast desert sands of Tatooine.

This item comes with Jacket w/ attached Rider & Hood, 100% polyester brushed knit flannel fabric & fiberfill stuffing, Jacket shaped like a saddle w/ Hook and Loop fastener straps around dog's chest & abdomen, Stuffed 13" tall Tusken Raider doll attached to back of saddle, Brown cord "reins" go from doll's hands to back of hood, Hood has hook & loop chin strap, stuffed horns on sides, Front body strap fits 28" to 32"; back strap fits 30" to 34".

#4 - Darth Vader Pet Costume here: https://bit.ly/2XIadJdcostumes

Well, your dog may be the sweetest little guy running around on four legs but you've got to admit, from time to time he can have a bit of a dark side. How about this adorable Darth Vader Pet Costume? This item comes with a Shirt, Cape, Headpiece, 100% polyester interlock knit & satin fabrics; polyurethane foam, Black interlock shirt has foam Darth Vader suit armor and belt, Black satin cape fastens to shoulders w/ Hook and Loop fastener, Polyfoam Darth Vader dog helmet.

#5 - Yoda Dog Costume here: https://bit.ly/39lbhoDcostumes

In this adorable Star Wars pet costume, that little doggo can finally do just that! It comes with a Yoda body piece that ties around the neck and a matching, large headpiece to emulate those iconic ears. Better yet, it's 100% Polyester, so this costume won't be getting scratched off.

We can all but guarantee this pet get-up will be a hit!

#6 - Princess Leia Dog Costume here: https://bit.ly/3tUzYSocostumes

Dress your adorable pooch up in these iconic duds and she’ll look just like a galactic hero. You’ll be ready to go out with rebel forces and tear down the rule of the Galactic Empire as long as you have your very own Princess Leia leading the way! This item comes with Jumpsuit w/ Attached Stuffed Arms, Headpiece, Measurements taken from back of neck to hind, 100% polyester, White dress body piece that ties around the neck, Princess Leia bun haircut hairpiece

#7 - Dewback Pet Costume here: https://bit.ly/3AqgDL7costumes

Or how about transforming your puppy into a dewback with this Dewback Pet costume. The fabric jacket has sleeves for all four legs and tail, a hood for your doggie’s face, and a stuffed tail to help that final transformation. This item comes with a Jacket w/ attached rider and hood, 100% polyester velour & brushed knit flannel fabrics; fiberfill stuffing, Jacket has sleeves for all 4 legs plus the dog's tail, & Hook and Loop fastener strap around abdomen, 12" tall stuffed Stormtrooper doll attached to back, Brown cord "reins" go from doll's hands to hood, Hood has openings for dog's ears, Hook and Loop fastener chin strap.

#8 - Star Wars Walking Yoda with Lightsaber Costume for Dogs

here: https://bit.ly/2ZeISipcostumes

Transform your pet into the most powerful Jedi Master we know with this officially licensed Star Wars Walking Yoda costume for dogs. This cute costume is worn easily by putting your pet's paws through the feet of the costume and fastening it around their neck. The coat gives them Yoda's battle outfit with Yoda's hands and lightsaber waving around as they walk. Put the hood in place to complete the transformation. Unfortunately, this is currently not available but we will update this post when that changes. Feel free to click the link and find hundreds of choices for the whole family

#9 - Chewbacca Squeaker Dog Toy here: https://bit.ly/2XBXPL4costumes

If costumes and treats aren't your pet’s idea of Halloween fun, we suggest heading for the toy shelves, there you'll find all kinds of squeaky toys of a spooky nature designed to make play time more fun, for your furry little friend like this Chewbacca Squeaker Dog Toy this item is a Stuffed Toy, Long-pile faux fur outer shell, fiberfill stuffing, Stuffed toy is 12" tall, Embroidered facial features, Officially licensed

#10 - Star Wars R2-D2 Pet Costume here: https://bit.ly/3AtvpAOcostumes

Bring your pooch to a galaxy not so far away when you let your four-legged friend become your best droid, too! This officially licensed R2-D2 pet costume closes along your pup's back and has an elastic band on the cap. Both components are printed to look like Star Wars' iconic astromech droid from the white base, blue panels, and camera eye.

Catch The All New Movie FOR A LAUGH!!!


While this can be a fun time for people and pets alike, just remember that are pets are depending on us to keep them safe from the more dangerous witches and warlocks that this holiday brings.

Our Dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell and hearing, so it's very scary for them to see people dressed in costume.

Don't take the family dog along for trick-or-treating as much as that sounds like fun. Your Dog may become difficult to handle during all the festivities. Also, a lost dog or dog bite will quickly end your family’s fun.

Be careful that your cat or dog don't rush out through an open door. Be sure all your pets are wearing securely fitting collars with their ID tags in case of an accidental escape.

Most Importantly Please Don't leave your pets outside in the yard on Halloween:

There are plenty of real cases of vicious and inhumane pranksters who have teased, injured, stolen, and yes even killed pets on this night. Black cats are among the most common targets because of their association with Halloween, but all outdoor pets are at risk. Let’s keep them safe this holiday. There will always be those who mean harm to our beloved pets but together we can keep them safe.