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Stylish & Modern Cat and Dog Beds, With a Creative Flare!

Updated: Jan 27

Furniture Design Ideas

When we start to rethink our home décor many forget to include their pets, when the truth is, modern cat and dog beds provide a wonderful place for your pets to relax and can add unique details to your pet-friendly space. This collection of amazing pet design ideas will give you some great ideas and inspirations for DIY projects, because creating modern cat and dog beds or selecting and buying a modern stylish, comfortable pet bed for your cat or dog should be fun!

Comfortable pet furniture designs will add coziness and warmth to your room and provide a place for your pet to call their own. Here is a collection of modern, beautiful and creative pet furniture design ideas, that may inspire you to add an original and cozy, cat or dog bed to your home or office.

Modern cat and dog beds blend amazing design ideas and a few new eco-friendly materials. And If you’re going to DIY your pet bed, try repurposing old cabinets or shelves and adding soft cushions and covers made of natural or eco-friendly materials to help create functional, appealing, healthy and modern pet furniture that can really make your pet-friendly home stand out.

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Creative & Modern Pet Beds

Fun pet design idea

Your pet is, well lets just admit it, a big part of the family, but it becomes a problem when you know your sofa will soon suffer some damage or worst case, be destroyed by your four-legged family member. So, you want to find a pet furniture store that offers beautiful, high-quality and eco-friendly cat and dog furniture or covers, that will work well in your pet friendly space, and maybe not too expensive.

Selecting materials for pet beds

Now making or buying pet furniture with zippers or snaps will allow you to regularly wash the fabric covers, and keep your cat and dog beds smelling and looking clean and fresh. Consider investing in a scratching post for your cat, this can help prevent your pet from scratching your furniture and can save you a lot of money, and that really matters today.

Fabrics in white and light neutral colors are not the best choices for pet beds. They are easily stained and collect pet hair, while Denim fabrics and leather-like fabrics can be more suitable options. These fabrics do not show tears or scratches as badly as others. Pet hair will not cling to strong fabrics made of natural fibers as much. Denim cushion covers are healthy and attractive choices for pet bed design.

Scotch Guarding your pet furniture is a good idea it provides protection for your cat and dog bed, making it easier to clean. Consider buying or making several slipcovers for your cat and dog beds to keep your room feeling clean and fresh. There are also many inexpensive Eco-Friendly covers to fit any type of furniture, made out of the highest quality Eco-friendly fabrics to help with general cleanliness while also helping with pet allergens (i.e., pet hair etc.…) We found a few great places for you to look at to get fresh ideas for your pet space throughout this post.

Now this is a great use of space!

Modern pet design ideas can help pet parents solve many of the small problems that come up when you share your home with a furry little friend. Smelly litter boxes, ugly pet beds, animal smells, unsightly old carpet-covered cat trees, unattractive dog houses, fur-covered cushions, but we work around it because we love our four-legged friends. Modern pet design ideas address these problems offering innovative products to please you and your cat or dog.

We hope you enjoyed these modern pet design ideas that offered some creative solutions for the most common problems. Inspiring collections of contemporary designs can help pet parents enjoy a stylish and pleasant lifestyle. Modern pet design ideas provide more style and fun to a pet parent’s life, without sacrificing any of your pet’s comfort or your style.

We have also provided links below to some of the most highly rated customer reviewed natural products for pets on the market, delivered right to your door. Make sure you have everything you need to keep your pets safe and healthy.

We have also found a great place to find fresh new Pet Furniture ideas for your Pet Space. Find your inspiration today...


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