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Is There an Easy Way to Introduce my new pet to my current pet?

Updated: Oct 21

first impressions can be one of the most important steps it’s true, especially when introducing a new pet to your current one. It can be a bit of an unpredictable situation, and looking around at other suggestions everyone seems to agree that if you follow these simple suggestions, you can put your pets’ nerves and your own, at ease and limit the anxiety involved for your furry little friends or yourself.

Let’s start by introducing a Dog & Dog

It’s important to take the introduction process slow. Have your dogs meet in a neutral place and leave them on their leash so you can keep some distance between them. Make sure you allow them a little freedom to move around. The idea is to get the dogs used to being around each other while avoiding any hostility or anxiety between them.

It’s always helpful if you have the dogs spend a short period of time in your yard. To start, keep them on their leashes until you see or sense more relaxed and positive signs from both dogs. When they seem to be more at ease being around each other, drop the leashes so they can move around more freely.

When you bring the dogs into the house after play time make sure you have created an environment where each has their own space and belongings for example beds, toys, food and water bowls. Make sure you’re not leaving dogs alone in the house until you’re absolutely sure they are comfortable with one another. Try to remember that in due time, pets and humans both will feel happy and content with their new family and loving home.

Now Let’s Introduce the Cat & Dog

Have you ever wondered how dogs and cats learn to get along – and in some cases, even become best friends! It all comes down to how you introduce the two. When your ready to do so, it’s important to ensure that your cat has an area and belongings that are their own, including their scratching post, toys, food and water.

Have your first pet in a room while the new pet explores their new house to get familiar with all the new smells and surroundings. Now after this, you'll need to set up short, supervised meetings with your dog on a loose leash and do not allow your dog to much freedom to start barking, go’s for the cat to no hissing you don’t want this from either pet. Be cautious while doing this you don't want your pets to mistakenly associate the other pet with any kind of punishment. Bring their favorite treat or toy to this meeting, but end the interaction before either pet gets upset or angry. Allow the cat to roam around as they please don't forget to reward the dog for listening and being calm. You will have to do this until your pets begin to be get along with each other. Then you can let them to move around freely throughout their new home. We do recommend that you continue to separate the cat and dog whenever you are not present to monitor them until you are completely confident in their behavior.

You can create an everlasting friendship between all your furry family members, and yourselves by following a gentle and thoughtful introduction process. It all boils down to spending time with your pet’s play, exercise and love them, and the bond will grow between all of you.

The reward is? Well that just can’t be measured, but you will love it.

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