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How to tell if my cat is fat?

Updated: Jan 28

Well you might not be surprised to find out that, "how do i tell if my cat is fat?" is one of the most asked pet questions on google. And we could go through the research, list all the signs as stated by Veterinarians.

First would be labored breathing, then difficulty moving around and so on, but the plain truth is if your asking, "how to tell if your cat is fat?" Then chances are "Your Cat is Fat" and that's alright. I myself have a very hard time saying no to my cat, When they ask us for that extra can of cat food with their cute little faces. I mean it just feels right to give them food when they are hungry, really. Unfortunately the threat of Diabetes is very real for our beloved family members as they pack on the pounds.

So I thought we would find the three best ways to help get your pet back into shape:

#1 - "And can't stress this enough." but one of the best ways to help your pet get their weight under control is with a better Diet. Now saying this doesn't mean rush out and buy the most expensive pet food on the market, but it does mean you might have to put a little more thought into it maybe even ask your Vets advice on proper brands and amounts to feed per day, and keeping in mind the current status of your pets health.

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You might find using a slow feeder or measuring spoon, beneficial to keep portions smaller for your pet if over feeding is a concern.

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#2 - Exercise, Make your cat walk to their food by keeping their food away from favorite relax spots. You could also keep the food and water in different places like on different levels or different rooms of your home. Within reason of course, the more your cat needs to move around and work for their food, the better off they will be.

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#3 - Stimulation or Play, you will be surprised how easy it is to get your cat to exercise by simply stimulating there minds with toys and play. Spend 20-30 minutes a day just playing with your cat and watch their energy levels come right back , and with more energy it will become easier for them to adjust to the new exercise routine they need to drop the weight.

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So these have been a few simple suggestions to help your pets drop the weight and live that healthy lifestyle that will keep them with us as long as possible.

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Don' forget to make sure your cat has plenty to play with to help ensure a healthy happy kitty.

If you find you just don't have the time or maybe just unclear about what to purchase for your furry friend , take the worry out of it and add some fun.

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