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Updated: Jan 26

Well, the winter season is just around the corner, and the Coronavirus is still keeping us confined to the house with our pets for a few more months. And although this can deepen your bond with your furry friend it can also create a few problems, and not just for our pets but ourselves. This does not just apply to cat owners in particular, who have sensitivities to cat allergens, but for every member of your home, being confined can create some huge challenges. Especially when it comes to allergies.

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Here are few suggestions for pet owners who are in need of a way to manage their cat allergens at home,


Make certain to do a weekly wash as part of your regular routine. If your cat has free reign of the entire house, including your bedroom, maybe try to schedule a washing of your bedding and blankets weekly to remove allergens. Don’t forget to use hot water! There are a few products that can help Talk to your veterinarian to learn more.


Maybe a new diet, when cats groom themselves, the cat’s hair and dander shed naturally. This can lead to some severe allergy attacks, there are dietary changes you can make that will help cut down on shedding and help your pet with hairballs as well. You should consult your veterinarian make known any health restrictions your pet may have, and get them on the diet that best suites there needs.


Vacuum and dust regularly, your best buddy after your cat should be your vacuum this winter. Try to vacuum the carpet at least two or three times a week and make sure to focus on spaces where your cat lay's or play's most frequently, including on the carpet and on and under the furniture itself. Investing in a quality vacuum and committing to frequent use can go a long way to fight the allergen hot spots you never even knew you had! If you’re in need of a good hypo-allergenic vacuum take a look at the many choices your local stores have for you.


Simply groom your cat, Cats are the sleepiest of all mammals. They spend an average of 16 hours sleeping each day A regular brush or groom can go a long way, particularly for pets who are prone to matted hair. The act of grooming can also reduce loose hair, which in turn reduces the overall allergen load. Shedding is more common in summer and is a cat's way of going from their winter coat into a summer one, and Less hair means a cooler body. Cats lose more hair in summer months because the increased light from longer days triggers the shedding process. The average house cat will also shed more because of electric lights, even near the light from a TV screen. Stress and illness are additional factors to cause more shedding. Grooming your cat not only helps with shedding It can also stimulate blood circulation, resulting in a healthier skin and coat. Purr-fect!


If you don't have the time to vacuum as much as you may need to, then we have a great solution for you.

Not only will it save you time with pet hair, being completely machine washable, but a pet cover for your furniture will also help protect your furniture and visitors. So, when friends are over simply remove cover and you won't have to worry about cat hair all over your guests, or disturbing unknown allergy’s they may have. Believe it or not they even come in great styles to improve any pet family's home. Your Best-Fur-end will love it, check out some styles at your local furniture store.you won't believe the difference a simple cover can make.

We have also provided links below to some of the most highly rated customer reviewed natural products for pets on the market, delivered right to your door. Make sure you have everything you need to keep your pets safe and healthy.


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