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Eco-Friendly Dog Products That’ll Make Your Tail Wag!!!

Updated: Oct 21

All I hear is helicopters all day long. This is the new normal so I'm told, not only am I wearing a mask to help protect me from a deadly virus (covid-19), but also to breathe these days. Living in BC Canada has become challenging to say the least. Fires in BC have broken records this year, flooding our province with so much smoke you can barely see across the street in some areas.

And all I keep hearing is "we warned you climate change was coming"!!

Well yes that's true, we have known for years that we needed to embrace a few changes to help curb this effect of climate change.

But the truth is, world wide change like this will take a long, long time if it ever comes to pass at all.

Best we can do, as people who care about our pets and our planet, is to lead by example, use ECO Friendly products for your home and pets. And when a friends or neighbors ask about what you use, show them how easy changing to an ECO Friendly product can be, the ECO pet products are as good, and in some cases, (which we have for you today), are even better. ALSO they get to help save our environment.

It's a win win!!!


PetsEdgeX spends many hours researching, and testing products to recommend only the best with the most quality and value. We make a little coffee money if you purchase a product through our links, it's true, but all opinions about the products remain our own.

So we have put together a short list of the best 4 to 5 star customer reviewed products that help our planet and our pets.

To help get you started In a new ECO Friendly direction,

Here is PetsEdgeX Top 3 Eco-Friendly Dog Products:

#1 - Plush Comfort Stretch Recliner Furniture Cover | Pet Furniture Cover | Machine Washable

About this item:

The Plush Comfort Stretch Recliner Furniture Cover is a super soft fabric with lofty quilted poly fill providing both Comfort and Protection. Featuring our stretch suede shoulder & arm gussets to help keep it in place! A quick and easy solution to protect furniture from fur, stains, scratches, and spills!

Best deal for your money and if you “Love your dogs? These Furniture covers help prevent your pets from sending your favorite chair to the landfill to soon making them a first choice eco-friendly product they help us to be gentle on the earth and they are tough enough to stand up to the most enthusiastic dogs. And has a five star customer review rating.

Find The cover that suits you

here: https://bit.ly/3tXBRhicovers

#2. - Youpin Smart Cat Water Dispenser 360 Degree Open Drinking Tray Pet Automatic


For all the pet owners out there this one is for you, making number two on our list.


-Minimalist design, triple mute style, easy to remove and wash

-360 degrees open drinking tray, not crowd while drinking water together

-A soft light on the chassis, long light means normal work, flashing means low water level, reminding to add water, and can also be used as a night light

-Plug and play, safe and energy saving Now that's ECO Friendly saves energy and keeps our pets water fresher longer and I know when your in a rush its easy to just grab whatever is on sale at the local Walmart but please do a little research you will find for the value, and quality we found these can't be beat. Delivered right to your door in 3-4 days, and once again gentle on the earth and tough enough to stand up to the most enthusiastic dogs. And has a five star customer review rating.

Find yours on here: https://tidd.ly/2Z8KdaV

#3 - Pet Toilet Trainer Puppy Cat Toilet Litter Trainer Cats Clean Training Toilet Supplies Pet Supplies Cat Toilet Training Device

PetsEdgeX Third choice is wonderful used it once, and I was sold, not just because of the convenience but also doing away with the old style litter box, a non ECO Friendly method, it is just better for our planet and our pets. We all know how much litter we send to the landfill and this could be greatly reduced, and with the benefit of being Eco-Friendly & Reusable. Now you don't have to buy this model, there are several to choose from, but do yourself a favor because you will want to check this out.

Discover the one right for you here: https://tidd.ly/3puzfax

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