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DIY YOUR - Trick or Treat!

Updated: Jan 28

Three fun, fast, and Hilarious -Halloween costumes for your dogs

Well, its that time of year again, time to reach for those glue guns. We’ve got some great and super easy-to-make costumes using both new and recycled thrift store items that anyone, even those of us with almost no craft skills, or money can make in just a few short minutes. and the best part is that all of these ideas cost $10 or less to put together. Every item below can be found at any retail thrift store.

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Our first pick may require a child sized hoodie, top, or maybe a child sized T-shirt with the color and size depending on the theme and whether your dogs are small or a larger breed. Other materials can include felt cloth, like an old sheet, needle and matching thread, and what you could find for material for capes and such, remember, depending on the theme you have chosen “Please” make sure the materials are safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, and can fasten securely and comfortably. We wouldn't want any harm to come to our little family members accidentally choking or even getting sick from the costumes.

#1- My HERO

We chose this awesome Hero costume because it was almost impossibly easy to make, and well, we love the idea that our dog may have a secret super alter ego, and can save us from all the evil in the world, also watching just how bright they shine when their in-Hero dog mode.

There's no need to fear this one, since this character is always working for good, not evil. And there is no need to be bothered by the details that go into making his costume. You will be able to find everything at your local thrift store. You will need a blue child-sized T-shirt, a square of red felt fabric for the H, a half yard of red fabric for the cape, Velcro to attach at the neck to hold the cape in place, and needle and thread. To make attaching the two little arms (which are just rolled felt, left over fabric sewn together) to the T-shirt easier, iron on hem tape or fabric glue can be used. We have included an image of what you want your T-shirt to look like, with the distinctively shaped H for HERO. Finally cut a small v shaped piece of fabric red and find some yellow ribbon or some material from an old t-shirt cut into three rectangles now use Velcro or glue to place it onto your main blue shirt and there you have a great hero costume for your furry little friend all for less than $10.00 and a little time.

#2- Ghost Dog

Number two, this easy to do awesome costume really made us laugh and think of old Charlie Brown's Halloween special, also awesome. And secondly, it doesn't get much easier than this one.

All you need is an old white sheet, a length of elastic, a black marking pen, needle and thread, and hopefully a dog that is laid back enough to allow you to throw a sheet over his head without giving you to much protest. Start by arranging the sheet over your dog (including over the head) so that it falls evenly all around.

Mark the spots that hang past the dog's feet so that you know where to cut it. Now you want to cut the sheet length to be just above your dog's feet so that they won't trip over the edges. Then mark the spots where your dogs’ eyes, ears and nose are, so that you know where to cut your holes.

I know I shouldn’t need to say this but, do not cut the holes while your dog has the sheet over his head! Also, make a small mark at the spot where his neck is so you will know where to attach the length of elastic. This is to keep the sheet from sliding off while your dog is moving around, and remember, make sure tightness won’t be an issue for your little pal.

Once you have everything marked, take the sheet off, cut your holes for the ears, eyes and nose, making sure the holes are not too big but make sure they are big enough for your dog to see clearly, then you need to cut the edges of the sheet so that the dog's feet will be free of any excess fabric. Once this is done, attach the elastic on the inside of the fabric at the neck so that there is a neckband to hold the fabric onto the head and body comfortably and securely.

And there you have it the perfect spooky ghost for Halloween. This cost was a low $4.00 for an old sheet from thrift store and felt marker, perfect for any budget.

#3- Devil Dog

This our third choice for a fast DIY Halloween costume for your pet, The Devil Dog.

This costume takes one new item (the devil horns) and combines them with a cape fashioned from any used piece of red fabric, a towel or an old bed sheet even will also work. First cut the fabric to size then use the cape itself or iron on a few small Velcro pieces (inexpensive) to fasten around your dog’s neck. Total cost: $5.99 for new devil horns from local dollar store. Might need few dollars more if using Velcro. But no matter what you do this costume is the fastest and cheapest way to go if you’re just looking to play with the pup on Halloween.

I know we all love to include our pets in every part of our lives, and that includes our holiday fun. And with Halloween coming up, we start thinking about our pet's costume as much as our own! After all, they want to strut their stuff just as much as you do.

Please Remember, If you're thinking of buying a pet -Halloween costume. We would like you to keep in mind that your little buddy may not be too happy about getting all dressed up, even if it's just for a quick picture. If your pet doesn't mind dressing up, make sure the costume you buy fits well and is comfy. Dog and cat sized T-shirts are another great way to dress up and they don't involve headgear, which some pets don't handle well.


Halloween goodies aren't just for human kids. Increase the fun for your furry "kid" celebrate the holiday with a bag full of spooky pet treats. Just make sure the treats are healthy and your pet doesn't overindulge.


Trick-or-treat candies are not for pets: chocolate is poisonous to a lot of animals, and tin foil and cellophane candy wrappers can pose a serious choking hazard or cause obstructions if swallowed. Be careful of pets around lit pumpkins: pets and their wagging tails may knock them over and cause a fire. Curious kitties are at a higher risk of getting burned due to their own curious nature.

If costumes and treats aren't your "cats" idea of Halloween fun, we suggest heading for the toy shelves.

Making sure your cat has plenty to play with can help ensure a healthy happy kitty.

If you find you just don't have the time or maybe just unclear about what to purchase for your furry friend , take the worry out of it and add some fun.

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