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Canine vs Feline Ultimate Super Powers Showdown!

Updated: Apr 22

Well, I hope we can all agree whether your furry little friend is a Feline or a Canine, they have super powers.

We love our little four-legged friends and sometimes we are astonished with all the things they are capable of doing. I have to say, it really is wonderous and sometimes I really believe our pets have super powers. I mean have you ever heard of a cat breed called the Serval cat? Well if you haven't let me fill you in.

This cat can be found in Africa, and has the longest legs and ears out of all other cat breeds. Due to this advantage in leg length, they are able to out-jump all other cats. To draw you a better picture this means, that this cat is able to catch a bird out of the air, in mid-flight. This cat can jump up to 10 feet easily.

How are they able to perform such an incredible act?

This super jumping ability came from their ancestors, who living in trees would have to leap from branch to branch. This is without question, a beautiful cat who astonishes us with their agility and grace. Although most cat experts agree, the Serval cat is not really suited to be a house or domestic cat, even though there have been cases of this.

Cat expert’s advice us to be cautious about bringing and maintaining a Serval cat in your home. This breed will require a large area to roam, along with a special diet, plus due to its larger than average size, it is not recommended to keep a Serval cat at all, if you happen to have smaller pets or children, because they like to play very rough, which can result in bad or severe consequences for kids and pets alike.

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If jumping 10 feet in the air doesn’t convince you our pets have super powers, then how should we describe a dog’s ability to detect a storm coming. There have been many weather myths passed along over the years and most shouldn’t be completely trusted, like lightning never strikes the same place twice. But there is one you should never doubt, and that’s your dog’s ability to sense when bad weather is coming.

Researchers don’t have an exact explanation, but this has been studied, and they do have a few theories. First dogs are sensitive to the drops in barometric pressure that come with severe storms. Secondly, they can hear low frequencies that are far to low for humans, like far-off thunder and earthquake rumbles. Now pointing this out doesn’t mean you should solely rely on your pet over your local meteorologists, but don’t let their weird behavior go unnoticed. Your pets super powers could save your life.

Both cats and dogs have incredible vision and hearing too, because when it comes to hearing, your cat more than likely knows when you're lying, and it can hear your wife opening up cans of food in the kitchen, on the other side of the house. Your cat also knows that you're pulling into the driveway, and it will be ready when you do, either to trip you at the front door, while purring between your legs, or to pounce on you from a high place, just to say welcome home.

Cats can pinpoint the exact spot a sound is coming from within inches, up to a yard or more away. Cats can also hear into the 65 kilohertz range of sound, where as normal human hearing stops at the 20 kilohertz range.

Additionally, cats can rotate each ear independently up to 180 degrees to help pinpoint the location of the sound, and they can react more quickly than your average guard dog once a sound is heard.

Your dogs, they have incredible ears as well, while we humans can only hear sounds up to 20, kilohertz range, dogs can hear up to 60 kilohertz range. A dog’s large ears are on the top of their head, this is great placement to pick up all the noises easily missed by an average human.

Plus, they have about 18 ear muscles, which allow them to rotate, tilt, and raise their ears to get an amplified sound. In fact, scientists say that the reason dogs tilt their heads might just be due to their amazing hearing.

If you thought that was cool, their vision is going to amaze you, your cat can see in the dark? Well, not total darkness, let's not get crazy here. Your cat can see perfectly with only 1/6th the amount of light you require, due to the back layer of extra-receptive cells in its eyes.

Although they can't see in total darkness and their daytime vision is only fair, they do have extremely acute vision, when it comes to movement. As nocturnal hunters, their eyes are able to scoop up even the smallest scrap of available light. These same cells also give them additional acuity, and that terrifying, glowing shine that sends shivers down our back when we come across them at night. Their vision is generally blurred at the edges and they see best at 6-20 feet, but when it comes to movement, though, the cat doesn't miss the slightest twitch.

It was also once believed that cats were colorblind, but now it is known that they can actually tell the difference between certain colors. Basically, they see the world in shades of blue and green. Cats also have no need to blink their eyes as we humans need to keep our eyes liquid. This gives the cat an advantage with hunting their prey. Still, if you observe a cat for a longer period of time, you can see them squinting sometimes. This is how they show affection toward humans or other cats.

It should be noted that a cat's diet (without taurine), a substance that is crucial for their eyesight, can cause a cat to go blind. Dog food lacks taurine, so avoid feeding it to felines.

Dogs, as well, have eyes that are made to automatically see well in the dark. Their large pupils let more light in, and the rods in their eyes work better in dim light. But the biggest factor is the tapetum, which reflects light at the back of the eye. That helps them see in light that’s five times dimmer than what humans need to see clearly.

What about speed? Can our pets run faster than a speeding bullet? Well of course not but what they can do is spectacular. Have you ever tried catching a cat that didn't want to be caught? Maybe because you foolishly said “time to go to the vet" out loud, well then you most likely noticed it took you, and probably the help of one other person and maybe a closed door in a small room, to get your hands on the furry speed demon. Did you ever wonder just how fast your furry friend was moving?

The answer varies of course, studies have given us a ballpark figure of between 25-30 miles an hour on average, for a cat's all-out sprint. Know how fast the average human can sprint? 10 miles an hour. For comparison, your cat can outrun a small motorcycle, and you'll be lucky to catch a car rolling down a hill in neutral.

And if you thought you had what it takes to challenge your dog to a race think again, on average, canines’ clock in at around 19 miles per hour, but many can go over 35 mph if they’re running in short bursts. The fastest dog breed is the greyhound, which can reach 45 mph.

Your cat also has an extraordinary gift of survival, if a cat falls from a 5-story building or even higher, a kind of parachute effect takes place and they can manage to survive the above-mentioned heights with a 90% or better survival rate. It's no myth that cats hit the ground on all paws, in fact, cats have specifically evolved an ability for this one. It's called the Righting Reflex, and it allows a cat to, even in mid-air, turn its head and pull its body after it.

An interesting fact about this ability is that this reflex has been shown to substantially decrease the damage cats sustain in a fall from over seven stories. This little anatomical gem that will put their feet under them. Although your furry friend should be checked and treated for any injuries immediately after the fall. This could be where the myth, of a cat having 9 lives comes from, you never know.

There are reports of cats falling from as high as 26 stories and surviving without any injuries. One can say that a cats survival rate after falling from great heights is extremely high, because cats are essentially arboreal animals. This means, if they are not living in their nice, safe, protected homes or other safe, comfortable environments, they tend to call the trees their homes.

Ergo, it only stands to reason, that sooner or later they will suffer a fall from a tree when jumping from branch to branch trying to catch their prey, or maybe a limb snaps sending them crashing down.

Either way Biologists say, this is why evolution has gifted them with such superior falling skills, capable to surviving a fall from great heights. They have developed a keen instinct for sensing a fall and are capable of balancing themselves in a way to land more or less without injuries. You already knew your cat was special. These are just a few more reasons why your feline is a real superhero.

One of your dogs most amazing abilities. Dogs can tell when you’re not feeling 100% healthy, sometimes even before you realize it.

Thanks to their incredibly powerful sense of smell, a dog can pick up on volatile organic compounds that reside in human bodies, which can include diseases like cancer. In 2006, dogs trained at the In Situ Foundation were able to detect lung cancer with 97% accuracy and breast

cancer with 88% accuracy, just by sniffing breath samples from patients. Those are better results than can be expected with some biopsies.

Learn more here: https://dogsdetectcancer.org

Now if you thought that was the end of your canine’s super powers, you would be so wrong, from car accidents and house fires to near-drownings and overseas combat, countless humans owe their lives to the bravery and determination of their dogs, a friend’s dog or even a four-legged stranger.

Whether they're elderly, blind, scared or hurt, dogs have repeatedly taken split-second action to rescue humans and animals alike. And have proven to be amazingly resourceful (search and rescue dogs, guide dogs for the blind, security and military dogs), they are confident, loyal and eager to please.

I hope I have convinced you of the wonderful superpowers your dog truly has, for the abilities bestowed upon this amazing animal and their mastery of them, have made them true heroes!

Not only do our pets have super powers when it comes to detecting the state of our health, but just being in the presence of a pet can make you healthier. Petting dogs or cats can reduce stress, helping your body release a relaxation hormone, and lower blood pressure. Studies have also shown that pet owners are generally happier and more trusting. Plus, they go to the doctor less frequently for minor problems.

What an amazing list of abilities or super powers as I like to say, but how do we determine a clear winner? Well, we can’t you see long ago these two species we share our beautiful planet with, became more than just animals or pets, they became family, and how can you choose between two family members you love?

Besides whether you believe dogs are the clear winner or cats are, truth is they both have the ability to melt our hearts, and have been and will be our loyal, loving little heroes, allies, friends and family throughout are human history, our past, our present and our future.