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Updated: Oct 21

Wish your cats and dogs a happy Halloween by dressing them up in one of these super cute pet -Halloween costumes! Whether you want to run around town or order a premade costume from your favorite online costume spot, there are lots of fun selections available. Why dress up your pet, you ask? best reason, you can have fun matching your cat or dogs outfit with -Halloween costumes you made for your kids, or even your own costume, trick-or-treating adventure!

But even if you just let Your pet be the star of your Halloween show, your friends are sure to take notice, I don't think you will regret taking the time to dress them to perfection. Pet

-Halloween costumes are just plain fun and will make your heart melt when your done. I mean really, How can you keep a straight face when your dog or cat struts their stuff in a Marty McFly ensemble or wreaks havoc dressed just like The Batman? Or maybe you decide that your best friend is worth putting in a bit more time, how about a Disney costume from a current film, or if maybe you'd rather make your Halloween costume, no matter how you want to do it there's something on our list for you. With these simple and fun pet costumes you can be sure your sidekick is the best-looking pet on the block.

Here are five great Halloween ideas for owners who wish to celebrate the creepiest day of the year with their favorite pet.

Make sure you check out our cute 30 second shorts inspired by Classic Movies for a laugh!!!

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Batman or Beetlejuice?

Picturing your athletic Black Lab as the Super Hero Batman?

Or how about turning your little pup into a killer version of Beetlejuice? Well Super Heroes and Crazy dead guys are just two of many options available to pets who like to dress up for the holidays.

#1 - Classic Batman Pet Costume

About this item:

Classic Batman Pet Costume! Made of 100% polyester, the black Batman cape comes with two fabric ties, the grey polyfoam chest piece with the Batman logo ties together on the top and the bottom, and a yellow utility belt can be fastened with a black fabric tie. The costume even comes with pointed bat ears that tie around the head!

find your Halloween Gear here: https://bit.ly/3zmHVRrCostumes

#2 - Maybe Beetlejuice is more your pets style...

About this item: This is a timeless costume.

Presenting the Beetlejuice Pet Costume, perfect for pets and owners who are fans of the movie.

This costume is 100% polyester with a jacket/shirt combo that fastens at center front with Hook and Loop fastener tabs. The satin necktie is sewn to the shirt collar and the wig is synthetic hair sewn to a fabric strip that ties under the dog's chin.

find the right Halloween Gear for you here: https://bit.ly/3lG0uLMcostumes

Maybe you want your little buddy to feel the force with this Star Wars Ewok costume.

#3 - Star Wars Collection Pet Costume, Small, Ewok

about this item here:

Ewok costume jacket and character headpiece

Important - Not all costumes will fit all breeds without some adjustment; consider your pets’ size and the costume’s style

Consult the Chart, watch the measuring instruction video, and read recent customer comments

Officially licensed Star Wars pet costume

Combine pet and people Star Wars costumes in styles for the entire family to create a fun group costume

find the right Halloween Gear for you here: https://bit.ly/3hKTbBgcostumes

Or Have you been waiting to dress up your pet as Marty McFly to let them steal the show?

#4 - Back to the Future inspired pet costume

About this item:

The Back to the Future inspired pet costume is designed to look like Marty’s outfit from the 1985 film. It comes with a single piece that fits like a shirt, yet presents a layered look. It comes complete with a striped undershirt and an attached light blue jacket over top. Of course, Marty’s signature red vest fits over top of that to finish off the look, turning your pooch into one stylish time-traveler. Once your dog has it on, the only thing left for you to do is find a time-machine for him!

find your Marty McFly Halloween Gear here: https://bit.ly/3lyIv9Jcostumes

What is any holiday without a fan favorite Disney costume.

#5 - Frozen Olaf Pet Costume, I have not seen anything so cute!

About this item here:

This dog costume is officially licensed from Frozen II and is based on Olaf's new appearance in the film. It comes with a step-in shirt that fits over your dogs front paws. It's white, with appliqued black buttons in front and a pair of stuffed arms attached to the sides. The headpiece has Olaf's head designed onto the top and it fits with a strap under the chin. When your dog has it on, he'll be ready to head into the Enchanted Forest with you!

find the best Halloween Gear for you here: https://bit.ly/2XrwESscostumes

These have been a few of our favorites, but click the links and check out the hundreds of choices, and find the right one for you and your pet. The one that will suit your needs and budget.

Please Remember, If you're thinking of buying a pet -Halloween costume. We would like you to keep in mind that your little buddy may not be too happy about getting all dressed up, even if it's just for a quick picture. If your pet doesn't mind dressing up, make sure the costume you buy fits well and is comfy. Dog and cat sized T-shirts are another great way to dress up and they don't involve headgear, which some pets don't handle well.


Halloween goodies aren't just for human kids. Increase the fun for your furry "kid" celebrate the holiday with a bag full of spooky pet treats. Just make sure the treats are healthy and your pet doesn't overindulge. Find your healthy Holiday Treats,

here: https://bit.ly/3AkzYNLHealthytreats


Trick-or-treat candies are not for pets: chocolate is poisonous to a lot of animals, and tin foil and cellophane candy wrappers can pose a serious choking hazard or cause obstructions if swallowed. Be careful of pets around lit pumpkins: pets and their wagging tails may knock them over and cause a fire. Curious kitties are at a higher risk of getting burned due to their own curious nature.

If costumes and treats aren't your pets idea of Halloween fun, we suggest heading for the toy shelves, there you'll find all kinds of squeaky toys of a spooky nature designed to make play time more fun. Find Yours Here: https://tidd.ly/3aKFj66


While this can be a fun time for people and pets alike, just remember that are pets are depending on us to keep them safe from the more dangerous witches and warlocks that this holiday brings out. Our Dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell and hearing, so it's very scary for them to see people dressed in costume.

Don't take the family dog along for trick-or-treating as much as that sounds like fun. Your Dog may become difficult to handle during all the festivities. Also a lost dog or dog bite will quickly end your family's fun.

Be careful that your cat or dog don't rush out through an open door. Be sure all your pets are wearing securely fitting collars with their ID tags in case of an accidental escape.

Most Importantly Please Don't leave your pets outside in the yard on Halloween:

There are plenty of real cases of vicious and inhumane pranksters who have teased, injured, stolen, and yes even killed pets on this night. Black cats are among the most common targets because of their association with Halloween, but all outdoor pets are at risk. Lets keep them safe this holiday. There will always be those who mean harm to our beloved pets but together we can keep them safe.