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Believe it or Not, Cat videos might improve your marriage!

Updated: Sep 17

Many studies have now shown that not only is there a link to pet pictures and videos improving our sense of well-being.

But One study actually suggests that you are more likely to be happily married just by looking at pictures and video images of cute pets and animals. The study I read about involved 25 couples who had been married for less than 3 years.

They were asked to view a stream of picture and video images several times a week for 12 weeks. One group was shown images that included their spouse and images of cute and funny animals while the other was shown pictures of their spouse paired with random neutral objects. The findings surprised me, as the group who were shown the cute and funny animals reported more positive and romantic responses to their spouses and greater satisfaction with their marriages. While the other group reported no change in the status of their relationships.

Although other studies have found that watching positive videos such as cute and funny cat videos can be one of the strongest good-mood-inducers, more so than even music, if you can believe that. They can lead to “upward swings in positivity”, and add to life happiness and can help to reduce stress, which makes them well worth watch, at least once in a while.

And if there is a wedding in your future We Wish You The Best From PetsEdgeX!!!