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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Hiking With Dogs.

Updated: Jan 25

I like many of you grew up around Dogs, and in that time, learned a lot about the needs of my childhood friends.

I 'am going to share five things I feel you need to know before taking your pet for a hike.

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Now hitting the trail with your dog may be a great way to get in shape while enjoying the great outdoors and strengthening the bond between yourself and your pal.

But Before you and your dog get packing, it’s important to keep in mind certain considerations

For Example:

#1 ● Your dog’s age. A dog that is too old or too young might not have the stamina for an extended hike you may need to plan a shorter route.

#2 ● Your dog’s stature. Some dogs make better hiking partners than others. Small dogs can make great hiking buddies but keep in mind they may not hike as fast as you and they may also require some help to climb steep trails.

#3Water and portable water dish. Keeping hydrated is important for both of you . Take extra care to make sure you bring enough water for your hiking pal, along with a collapsible water dish. Also important to remember it is safe to let dogs drink out of flowing water and streams, but not stagnant puddles or pools of water. Also, if you’re hiking where there’s still snow on the ground, important to know that snow isn’t a sufficient source of hydration. If you need a portable water bowl , they don't cost much, like this drinking bowl only $7.99 US. Find yours here: https://tidd.ly/3qkUFGM

#4 ● Poop bags. In accordance with ‘leave no trace’ guidelines you should pick up your dog’s poop and pack it out. So pack a larger sealable bag or container to store used poop bags until you can dispose of it. Please Leave no trace. It’s so important to pick up after your dog. Whether it’s their poop or any food or garbage you want to ensure that you’re keeping the natural balance of the ecosystem around you safe and beautiful.

#5 ● Pet first aid kit. Make sure it includes all the basic supplies that you’ll need if your dog were to get sick or have an accident. A collar with I.D. and a sturdy leash. You might also want to consider bringing an extra leash just in case one breaks or you need to tether your dog. Along with a Reflective jacket, collar, maybe some headlight Gear. Like this great Luminous Pet Collar USB Charging Pet Collar LED Flashing Dog Collar With Light only $5.99 US. Find yours here: https://tidd.ly/34JKfZ9

If you know you’ll be hiking near dusk it’s always a good idea for your dog to wear some reflective gear to, in order to better protect them at night.

So that's PetsEdgeX List of 5 things you need to know about hiking with your dog.

Maybe one will work for you and help keep your pets safe on your next hike.

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