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5 Coolest Pet Products You’ll Bark Out Loud For!

Updated: Oct 21

We here at PetsEdgeX have put together an amazing list of the highest customer reviewed products for 2021. All the chosen products have 4-5 star rating, And we will find out if they are thumbs up or thumbs down, so lets jump in but First,


PetsEdgeX spends many hours researching, and testing products to recommend only the best with the most quality and value. We make a little coffee money if you purchase a product through our links, it's true, but all opinions about the products remain our own.

#5 - Petcube Cam Pet Monitoring Camera with Built-in Vet Chat for Cats & Dogs, Security Camera with 1080p HD Video, Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Magnet Mounting for Entire Home Surveillance

leaving your pet at home can be scary, especialy if they have seperation issues.

Or maybe you just bought new furniture. Whatever the reason have no fear there is an easy fix.

A new way to monitor your furry little friends, it's called PETCUBE. It has a video funtion that shows you a live feed of your pet and their activities. To ease you of any additional worries, it has a built in live "VET CHAT" so if you notice any unusual behavior with your pet you can easily talk with a trained professional at the click of a button.

and if you thought that was all you would be mistaken, with a handy app you can call your pet, and have a two way conversation. I mean you might not understand your pet but at least you will always know what they are doing.

Built for people on the go PETCUBE is designed to be set up in just a minute or two, WITH NO HASSEL!

This product really stood up to it's reputation and we give it a full thumbs, up really check this one out, great product!

Find your Petcube on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3yvZOwH

#4 - PetSafe Big Cat 4-Way Locking Cat Door, Exterior/Interior, White

Regular pet doors are old school. The PetSafe pet doors are on a new level with models that read your pets micro chip and only alows them into your home, denies entry to pesky racoons and strays. But the model we chose is for the larger cat mostly because my cat oliver is quite big so because this model was Generously sized to give larger cats up to 25 lbs. or small dogs access inside or outside your home, has a Durable plastic frame and hard, transparent flap with pile weather stripping and magetic closure to help keep out weather and drafts

Dual, knob-style locks with added strength offer 4-Way access options to control your cat's access in and out of your home: open, locked, in-only (cat can enter but not exit) and out-only (cat can exit but not enter)

For installation in interior or exterior people doors 3/16" to 2" thick; Easy installation with detailed instructions, cutting template and hardware included

As far as we are concerned this brand gets a thumbs up for their continued inovations geared towards our pets safety, and independence. But Petsafe has a wide selection for any size pet, and this really is quality for your money check it out.

Choose the PetSafe right for you and your pet.

on amazon here: https://amzn.to/3t0x7Hc

#3 - IDOGMATE Small Dog Ball Launcher, Automatic Dog Ball Thrower for Mini Dog (Small Machine with 3 Balls)

IDOGMATE made our list because we love our dogs and know how important it is for them to play and exercise when we come home. Truth is we have jobs , so we don't always have the energy to give them the atention they need. We get tired after short periods of play. Sometimes we don't have time for them at all. But thats not fair to our furry little friends.

This is why IDOGMATE is the perfect gift for you and your pup.

It is Made For SMALL DOGs or puppies -- iDogmate small launcher is made for small dogs under 14kg(30LB), comes with 3pcs customized mini pet tennis balls1.75", pet tennis balls do not support heavy chewy, if your dogs like to chew the ball, please choose our 1.75" durable ball. (If you have a bigger dog , please see "iDogmate Big" for large dogs".

Clean & Effective Design -- The main color is nature green and simple white, we also chose not easily overturned rectangular shape after repeated attempts. The big funnel in the top which is convenient for our dogs to put the ball in the machine. Our pet use ball adopted food-grade healthy organic paste technology to ensure the safety of pets.

Excellent Engineering Design -- Durable, arced wheels to prevent a wet or slobbery ball from being stuck and to furthest ensure the shooting distance. (Pls don't use warped, twisted or broken ball in this machine, this will affect performance). Pls teach your dog how to play and give them more encouragement.

And the cherry on top it comes with a Remote Control & Cycle Recharging -- Adjust the launch distance to 10, 20, 25 or 35 feet by a remote controller or click the machine button directly, Distance adjustment function will be perfect for indoor & outdoor exercise. Included with rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Now i was not able to test this product myself, I did spend a large amount of time going over customer reviews and found the only real complaint was it took some dogs a bit of work to learn to drop the ball into the IDOGMATE.

But to that I say "really" is spending a little extra time with your buddy teaching them a new way to have fun when you can't play not worth the benefits, besides it shouln't realy be considered a problem to spend some time with your pet should it?

that was the main complaint and to us here at PetsEdgeX It is not a problem at all. This product is


Find the IDOGMATE for you on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3kI82Nf

#2 - LumoLeaf Dog Water Bowl, Splash-Free Pet Slow Water Feeder Bowl, No Spill Dog Bowl, Vehicle Carried Water Bowl for Dogs Cats Pets, 1 Liter

If there is one thing i have learned over the years about dogs it's they are adorable, and messy especially when they are drinking.

To combat this issue LumoLeaf has reinvented the water bowl, with it's Floating Disk and Anti-slip Base it can effectively prevent water from splashing and overflowing. Keeping both the floor and your pet's hair dry all the time. It is so EASY TO CLEAN. Take apart the Floating Disk to clean, and all parts are dishwasher safe on upper rack. Also, the floating design helps prevent the dust, dirt and pet hair from falling into the water.

PROMOTES HEALTHY DRINKING HABITS. The Floating Disk feeds enough water for your dog and SLOW down your pet’s drinking and helps to avoid vomiting and gulping. Made of reliable food grade materials.

And not just good at home this water bowl is great when your on the go aswell due to it's Double Anti Spill design it can effectively prevent water from overflowing in the bumpy roads. Anti-slip base prevents your pets from sliding it around. Perfect for using in RV, SUV, and truck. Fresh Water all the way for your pets.

We gave this a total thumbs up , great quality at a great price.

What more could a dog ask for? Order today and you’ll be barking with joy in no time.”

Find the LumoLeaf for you and your pet on amazon here: https://amzn.to/3BshCuz

Time For Our Number #1 Coolest Pet Product Review. I picked this for number one because it was my absolute favorite, loved everything about this amazing toy. So much so I have included a video so you can see for your self why we fell in love with this gadget.

#1 - 2020 Enabot Ebo Catpal The Smart Robot Companion for Your Cat, Cat Weight Management, Indoor Wired, 24/7 Live Video, 1080p HD, WiFi, 2-Way Talk

Ebo Catpal Smart Robot is designed for cats, even acts like one. It interacts with your cat by making a mix of cat like sounds and movements.

That's not all, other than just keeping your cat entertained, it captures and records every move your cat makes "like a battery operated baby sitter" which you can view on your smart phone, even have a two way conversation with your furry little friend at lunch break.

Any worries about it bumping and crashing through your home when your not there will fade away when you find out it comes with a built in collision sensor and when it senses it is low on power the smart little robot will quietly return to it's station to recharge, nothing this little guy can't do.

Once you activate this crazy little guy, you won't have to lift another finger again.

That's how independent this gadget is we at PetsEdgeX chose it as our number #1 product review this gadget really measures up high quality great price and a million great moments watching your cat love this toy.

Find your EBO on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3DCGdP0