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Updated: Dec 28, 2021

#1. You will be saving a new best friend.

All the animals at local shelters are in need of a hand up. They have been given up or abandoned. They are all unwanted and helpless. You are giving them a new chance to experience a new life in a loving home. You will become a hero to someone so special, a real-life-saving superhero, In fact, by adopting a dog, you are saving not one, but three lives, because you are freeing up space for another dog in need, while at the same time your new furry little friend can help save you...

Help you chase away the isolation we are all feeling because of covid-19 restrictions, battle any depression you feel with the love they give, you will feel like you have a true friend because if you earn their trust you really do.

#2. You can help to curb overpopulation.

There are not enough families for all the pets that are born every year. Adopting from a shelter helps to curb the pet overpopulation cycle. Every year 7 to 12 million dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are put to sleep because there are simply not enough families for them.

#3. You choose from a wide range of animals.

The one thing shelters offer is a variety that you won’t find anywhere else. They usually have specific breeds and also the some of the best mixed breeds you’ll ever find. They have thousands of animals going through their doors every year!

#4. You can avoid the young stage and enjoy adopting an adult pet.

Adult pets are great too! For many reasons first, they Often are already housetrained and some can even “sit” or “do some tricks.” You won’t have to deal with the “puppy or kitten phase” which means less of that youthful energy such as clawing, biting, chewing, And all that great stuff. You will be able to see their personality because by adopting an adult animal you won’t have to wait to see what you get. You will know if your a match right away.

#5. An endless supply of love and laughter.


Sharing your home with a dog really can become fully entertaining. It's just true that any time you're having not the greatest day, guaranteed your dog will do something completely crazy and hilarious to help cheer you up. Because they love it when you smile. It's part of their magic.

#6. When you adopt from a shelter your new pet has received the best care.

All animals that come to a shelter are admitted by experienced staff. They are given up to date vaccinations upon arrival and are put through a behavior screening process. (Please ask someone at an Adoption Center for details). Shelters usually have several vet partners that will volunteer to assist or visit with them to discuss health care issues and concerns. And best of all if you do run into a few hurdles with your new family member.

Most have a behaviorist on staff who will be happy to help work though any issues you may have. Of course, we know that this isn't going to happen because you and your dog will be best friends forever.

#7. You support a valuable and necessary charity for our community and our pets.

Sad but true, every community in Canada needs an animal shelter. When you adopt a pet from one of our shelters, you are helping a not-for-profit organization, but also sending a message to others who will be asking you for years to come where you adopted your wonderful pet. Shelters improve the community by ensuring that adopted animals be spayed or neutered. This helps to curb the chances that more unwanted animals will enter the world.

#8. More love and devotion than you could imagine..

Most shelter dogs have been through just horrible things before ending up at a shelter. Whether they were abused, or maybe they were used for breeding and then tossed away when they were no longer needed, or they lived with a family who didn't see the value in an older dog and gave them up for a new one. Whatever the reason, your dog will understand and appreciate all of the love and happiness that you can give them, and, over time, will provide you with the same!

#9. You will save money.

Shelter adoption fees are much less than the cost of purebred puppies or kittens sold for profit. Adoption fees are generally a whole lot less than the cost of buying a puppy from a breeder. And most shelter dogs are not pure bred dogs and do not come with the associated health problems. When you adopt a dog from a rescue they will most likely already be spayed/neutered, and fully vaccinated. This will all = more money for you to spend on the important things, "like family."

#10. You help encourage others to adopt.

When your friends ask where you got your adorable pet, you can tell them “at the shelter.” Your may encourage others to do the same. And you get a new Instagram buddy people love to see pics of your pal. whether your lying on the floor, snuggling with your dog, eating a treat... it won't even matter, because if you take a pic or video, they will love it.

Your friends will thank you. And your new dog will love you!

PetsEdgeX Would like to remind you (it's "Adopt a Dog Month” in October)

Thanks For Your Support.

If You Wish To Donate To Help PETS IN NEED You Can Do So At Your Local SPCA OR CLICK THE LINK BELOW,

To Go To Their Provincial Donations Page:

here: https://spca.bc.ca


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